Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer
Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer
Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer

Formula: Ca (NO3)2*4H2O+1%Mg (NO3)2*6H2O

Properties and applications: It is a new high efficiency compound fertilizer. Supply high quality N(nitrate nitrogen) primary nutrients.It can quickly supply Calcium and Magnesium to plants. It has growth function on root, stem, leaf of the crop and used in greenhouse and large-area farmland.

Packing: In 25/50kg net PP/PE bag or as per customer's demand.

Quality Standard
Technical Specification Standard
Purity 99.0%min
N 11.74
CaO 23.4%
MgO 1%min
Water Insoluble's 0.01%max
Conductivity dS/m                   1.2
pH @ 20° 5-7

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