Zinc phosphate monobasic
ZINC Phosphate Monobasic

English Name: Zinc Phosphate, Monobasic
Molecular formula: Zn (H2PO4)2•2H2O
CAS No.:13598-37-3; 14485-28-0
EINECS: 237-067-2
Property: Woven bag lined with plastic bag, 50 kg.Bags, metal drum lined plastic barrel 50 kg.

Use: Mainly used as a phosphating agent of the black metal surface. The ceramic industry as a coloring agent, used as a clarifying agent in glass industry.
Packing: Woven bag lined with plastic bags, each bag of 25 kg or 50 kg. Iron drum lined with plastic bags, 50 kg per barrel.

Indicator indicator
Phosphoric acid and phosphate(P2O5,%) 46-52
Zinc (Zn, %) ≥19.5
Free acid (H3PO4,%) ≤5.0
Sulfate (SO42-,%) ≤0.05
Lead (Pb,%) ≤0.02
Arsenic (As,%) ≤0.01

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