Methyl methacrylate
Methyl methacrylate
Methyl methacrylate
Other Names: MMA, Methacrylic acid methyl ester, 2-Methylacrylic acid methyl ester, METHYL METACRYLATE, Methyl Methyl Acrylate
CAS RN. 80-62-6
EINECS 201-297-1
Molecular Formula C5H8O2
Molecular Weight 100.12
Physical and chemical properties Appearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid, garlic-like odor Molecular weight: 86.09
Vapor pressure: 13.38kPa/28 ℃
Flash point: -3 ℃ / open
Melting point: -75 ℃
Boiling point: 80.0 ℃
Solubility: slightly soluble in water
Related Density (water = 1): 0.95
Related Density (Air = 1): 2.97
Stability: stable
Rsk label: 7 (in Flash pointinflammable liquid)

Organic synthesis as intermediates, but also the monomers of the synthetic polymers, used in rubber, pharmaceutical, leather, paper and adhesives.
Construction: show window, doors, light-absorpting shade, telephone booth.
Advertisement: lamphouse,signboard,indicator,display rack.
Vehicle: door and window of car and train.
Medical: infant incubator, many kinds of medical apparatus.
Civilian goods: bath room, art work, cosmetics, bracket.
Industrial: instruments and meters and protecting cover
Lighting: daylight lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp shade

Product Specification: 

Item of Analysis Standard
Assay,% ≥99.8
Density (20°C)g/ml 0.942-0.946
Color(Pt-Co)r ≤10
Acidity , % ≤0.01
Water, % ≤0.05
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