Lead Oxide
Lead Oxide
Lead oxide
Other Names:Litharge
CAS No.: 1317-36-8
EINECS No.: 215-267-0
Grade Standard:Tech Grade
Purity: 99.50%
Boiling Point: 1470°C
Density g/cm3:9.53
Refractive Index:2.67
Appearance: Bright yellow powder
Item Standard
Colour Bright Yellow
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic Tetragonal
Thermal Stability 250°C-897°C
Apparent Density 1.8-2.2
Volatile Matter 0.20
Water Absorption 100-105mg/gm
Content of Copper Oxide (CuO%) 0.002
Content of Lead Monoxide(PbO%) 99.6
Content of Lead Superoxide(PbO2) 0.05
Unsoluble in Nitric Acid 0.1
Content of Lead Metal(Pb%) 0.1
Packaging Detail:       25 kg per polythene bags
Delivery Detail:   within 10 days after order confirmed
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