Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate
Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate
Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate
Other Names: Barium Octahydrate, Barium Hydroxide,
MF: Ba(OH)2.8H2
CAS No.: 12230-71-6
EINECS No.: 241-234-5 
Molecular Weight: 171.35
UN No.:1654

Application: The product is mainly used for producing barium salts and organic compounds; in petroleum industry, this product is used as a multifunctional additive; and the product can be used for refining oils and cane sugar or used as a softening agent, and it also can be used as a raw material for barium-based lubricating grease, medicine, plastic, artificial silk, glass and enamel processes
Executive Standards: HG/T 2566—2006

Name Barium Octahydrate
Item Top-quality First-class
Barium Octahydrate [Ba(OH)2.8H2O] Content % >99 ≥98.5
Barium Carbonate [BaCO3] Content % ≤0.5 ≤0.6
Chloride [based on Cl] Content % ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Iron[based on Fe] Content ppm ≤10 ≤20
Specific indexes (iron, calcium, strontium, etc.) on other specifications of the product can be regulated according to customers’ requirements
Package:25kg PP/PE bag, Bulk bag, Ton bag or other packages required by customers.