Thiourea (Thiocarbamide) 99%min
CAS No.: 62-56-6
Molecular Formula: CH4N2S
EINECS: 200-543-5
H.S. Code: 29309090.90
Purity 99%min
Loss after heated 0.4% max
Ash content 0.1%max
Insoluble in water 0.02%max
Thiocyanate (CNS) 0.02%max
Melting point(Centigrade degree) 171
Character: White, glazed crystal, bitter, soluble in water, decompositing when heated, being complex with a lot of metals and inorganic salts.
Use: widely applied in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, textile, printing-dyeing, chemical, metal-mine-selecting, laundering etc. It mainly uses in pharmaceutical raw material, bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing, auxiliary of dyeing and anti-oxidant, and it can be used as rubber accelerator, floating agent, photo developing agent, prexide thiourea, cold wave etc. It is also used in resin compression molding powder electroplatin blue printing and boiler washing. In macromolecule material industry, it is used as catalysis agent and stabilizer of resinic producing, and it is also used in organic synthesization of sensitizing material, and medicine, medical, spicery materials in fine chemicals, and also can be applied in the recycling and separating of heavy metals.
Packing: in polypropylene bag, lined with polyethylene bag 25kg/bag net.20MT/20'FCL
Storage: Keep in a dry warehouse and avoid raining when shipping.