Sodium Azide
Sodium Azide

 Sodium Azide
CAS No.: 26628-22-8
EC Number: 247-852-1 
UN Number: 1687
Molecular Formula: NaN3

Content 99% min
Free Alkali  0.2% max
Heavy Metal:  0.002%max
Dry Loss: 0.2% max
Water-insoluble Matter 0.02%max
Appearance:  white crystal powder
Package: 25Kg net cardboard barrels
Safety: Sodium azide is a severe poison. It may be fatal in contact with skin or if swallowed. Even minute amounts can cause symptoms. The toxicity of this compound is comparable to that of soluble alkali cyanides and the lethal dose for an adult human is about 0.7 grams. No toxicity has been reported from spent airbags.
Uses: used to synthesize medicine and to produce azide; also used to prevent from mildew and septicity of blood serum, to measure oxygen content in wastewater, etc Sodium azide is also used in automobile airbags and airplane escape chutes 
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