Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate
Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate
Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate
APSM is an effective and quickly dissolvable phosphorus-free auxiliary agent , and is considered the ideal substitution for STTP(Sodium triphosphate) .APSM is widely used in washing-powder,detergent,printing and dyeing auxiliary agent and textile auxiliary agent industries.
Product Features:
1. APSM is equal to STTP in terms of calcium and magnesium complexing performance.
2. APSM is highly compatible with any kinds of surface active agents (especially for non-ionic surface active agent), and stain removal capability is also satisfactory.
3. APSM easily dissolves in water, 15g minimum can be dissolved in 10ml of water.
4. APSM is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspending and anti-deposition; PH damping value is also desirable.
5. APSM is high in effective content, the powder is in high whiteness, and it's suitable to be used in detergents.
6. APSM with high performance price ratio is environment-friendly, it can improve the liquidity of pulp, increase solid content of pulp, and save energy consumption thus greatly reduces the cost of detergents.
7. APSM can be used as an auxiliary agent to partly replace or completely replace STTP, and meet the demands of users.
APSM Specification
Item Typical measured value
Ca exchange capacity (CaCO3),mg/g ≥  330
Mg exchange capacity (MgCO3),mg/g ≥  340
Particle size (20 mesh sieve) , % ≥  90
Whiteness, % ≥  90
pH, (0.1% aq., 25°C) 11.0
Water insolubles, % 1.5
Water, % 5.0
Na2O+SiO2,% ≥  77
All products conform to Q/YXD01-2003 standard.
Below are examples of formulation of three detergent powders produced by Anhui Quanli, a Guandong company and Jiangsu Longliqi. All three products conform to GB/T13171-2004:
Composition Formula1 Formula2 Formula3
LAS 16 (96%) 14.8 14
AEO9 1 1.8 (QP-10) 1
NaOH 2.20 1.90 1.73
Sodium silicate 10 (dry) 8 8
Sodium carbonate 14 10 10
Whitener 0.1BES
0.1 0.1
APSM 10.5 13 10.5
Water 4 5 5
Fragrance 0.12 0.1 0.1
Sodium sulfate 42.5 43.9 40.27
Blue powder 0.5 0.5 enzyme 0.3
Grease soiled cloth 1.12 1.12 1.05
Sebum soiled cloth 1.43   1.3
Protein soiled cloth 1.16   1.56
Whiteness of end product 105    
Foam Good Good  
Free alkali 9.02    
pH 10.55 10.66  
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